a 2000-year-old lost art

The masks line the walls- faces decorated with stripes and flowers streamlined with hues of crimson, muted blue, and golden yellow. The expressions they wear are countless – staring, frowning, and grinning- their mischievous eyes waiting to tell a story.

The masks give the store its name and they represent a culture, a tribe and a tradition. Though the striking handmade masks appear painted, they are actually coated with naturally colored tree bud resin.  The Quillacingas tribe and their descendants have been using the same process over 2000 years.

 In the 19th century the mopa mopa art was the most appreciated and costly art in the world. However, during the Independence war this art deceased after half of the tribe was deprived of its existence and thus also most of the artists were killed.

This art goes from generation to generation. The symbols and colors are the same as our ancestors used in their time.  Nowadays the young generation is learning the techniques and secrets behind this amazing art. 

This art is only sold in Aruba. The stores showcase intricately carved animals, figure, gods, totems, vases, murals, and stunning jewelry.